The prices of our eBook writing and editing services are highly competitive and are a wise investment. Despite our low prices, you will absolutely not sacrifice quality. We even provide payment credit card payment installments through PayPal; you do not need a PayPal account.

Book or eBook Writing
The range of ebook writing topics is as vast as the number of topics people would want to read about or learn about. Reputable eBooks require conducting extensive research. As expert researchers and writers, we will do what it takes to ensure a top-quality eBook that provides valuable information to your readers. With the exception of memoirs that require multiple one-on-one interviews, our ebook writing service is just $24.95 per 250-word page.

eBook and Book Editing
If you have a rough draft but want a second or third look from a professional editor, we can help. All too often I’ve had clients contact me saying they wish they’d contacted me before they published. They were certain their book was error-free, but it soon came to their attention that there were numerous inconsistencies, typos, and grammatical errors. Even the best writers need an editor. Being so close to our work, we overlook some aspects. Since there is such a wide-range of editing services and requirements, it is challenging to provide a price before knowing more. Oftentimes, editing requires some writing. Some clients just need simple copy editing for grammar and typos. Others also need their work reorganized and restructured, to change the tone, alter verb tenses, add humor, add more authoritative information, and more. We can even provide feedback and advice.

Book Feedback
Do you have a rough draft book but want professional feedback about what works and what can be improved….and more importantly why and how, we can help. We will read your entire book and write comments throughout. If you need editing and feedback, we can provide a discount.

eBook Formatting
If you have already written an book in MS Word and now you want to publish it as an eBook, it needs to be formatted. Whether you want to publish to Amazon.Com (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), CreateSpace, ClickBank, SmashWords, or any of the many other publishers, you will need to format the book to their specifications. While these publishers have many similar requirements, there are some variations. We can format your book for any of these sites and any other you may want. This includes a clickable table of contents so your readers can easily navigate to each chapter.

Book Proposal
While book proposals are less common for self publishing ebooks, we can write a proposal for traditional book publishers.

Book Cover Art
The book cover art is taken for granted by many writers. In my experience, many writers just don’t think it is very important. While it may be sure that you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, readers who are inundated with book choices will certainly judge your book by its cover. Or, more accurately, they won’t even notice it if you don’t have a good, attention-getting cover that is relevant to your genre.