Publish Kindle Ebooks

You can use Kindle direct publishing to publish your ebooks to the Amazon kindle store in just a few minutes. Here you will learn how to publish your book from start to finish. To publish your book you will need two things some basic information about your book, which is the title of description, and a digital file of your book we accept many including Microsoft words, and HDML.

Let’s get started guide into KDP with your Amazon account once you do that you will be taken to the book shelf. The book shelf lists all of your books and whether they are in draft publishing or alive in the kindle store. To publish a new book click the add a new title button. You have the option to enroll your book in KDP select with KDP select you can make money and expand your reach in participating in the Kindle honors lending library you also get a opportunity to promote your book for free. To learn more about KDP select and the kindle honors library click learn more. Now let’s enter the title of the book: “How to Publish on Kindle.”

Kindle book titles can be up to two hundred characters. The addition number if you want to let readers know that this book is part of a series or that it is an updated addition you can enter the information you can only enter numerical values. This is my first addition. The next part is the product description. This description is what the customer see’s if they shop at the Amazon store. You must also add at least one book contributor. You can also identify editor, illustrator, or other roles here. Next, we will select the language.

You can choose to enter a publication date. If your title has been previously published in physical or digital format, enter the original publication date. Otherwise the Kindle store will automatically will enter the date the item is being published once everything has been processed. If you are the book’s author you can enter your own name and the name of your publishing company. If you have an ISBN, you can enter that to. If you do not have an ISBN you can still publish your book. Now indicate whether you hold rights to your book or if it is a public domains book. Once your book is published you cannot change the publishing rights.

Now you can assign categories, and key words to help customers find your book. Think of categories as sections in a book store. You can assign up to two categories for your book. Note that your book will be listed in the Kindle Browse category most appropriate for the selection you make here. Add search key words. Example Kindle, and Publishing. Search key words should be specific, and relevant to your books content as possible. You can add up to seven key words. Now upload your book cover. The image you will provide will be used as the product image on Amazon, and on the inside cover of the book. Unless you uncheck the box to indicate that your book file already contains your cover. Browse for the image, select your cover, and upload. If you don’t upload an image we will use the default cover that you can preview a default cover cannot be used as the inside cover of your book so be sure to uncheck this option.

Next, identify the DRM settings for your book digital rights management is intended to inhibit unauthorized information of the Kindle file of your book. If you want DRM indicate it there. Once your book is published you cannot change the DRM settings for your book. Now upload your book file browse here’s my book in word format and then click upload book. KDP now converts the book into the Kindled format. Once the uploaded conversion is successful you can preview your book. We recommend that you preview the converted file to see how your content will look on Amazon Kindle click save and continue to move to the next section. Now identify the content rights if you have worldwide rights to your book indicate it there or if you have rights to your book in specific Country’s indicate, and identify it here, and identify those Countries. We will automatically sell your books in the Kindle stores based on your content rights. Next select your royalty option. If your books list price for is between two dollars, and ninety nine cents, and nine dollars, and ninety nine cents you can choose the seventy percent options.

If your books’ list price is at outside of this range, but between ninety nine cents, and two hundred dollars you can choose the thirty five percent royalty option. Public domain books are not eligible for the seventy percent royalty option. For an example if you set the list price for the book at two dollars and ninety nine cents if you enter this it will calculate the royalty rate for both thirty five percent royalty and seventy percent royalty options. You can then click to automatically set list prices on other Amazon sites or you can choose to set the list price manually. Now decide whether you want Kindle book lending this is different than the Kindle owner’s lending library that is part of the KDP select program that was mentioned earlier.

Kindle book lending will allow readers to lead your book after purchasing to their friends, and family for fourteen days. If you choose the seventy percent royalty option Kindle book lending will be automatically enabled. When you are ready check the box to confirm your compliance with third terms, and conditions, and click save to publish.

Books in English should publish within twelve hours. Books in other languages make take up to forty eight hours. Your books status on the book shelf page will indicate in review or publishing until you book has been published at which point it will switch to live.