Ebook Writing Tips for a Great Format

All you need are a few ebook writing tips to ensure the right format to do a roaring business and be recognized as a talented writer. At the turn of the century people began to shed their qualms over writing ebooks and hailed it as a revolution in the world of literature. The readability and therefore popularity of ebooks is greatly enhanced if they are properly planned, written, formatted and presented. An aspiring ebook writer is advised to become well conversant with ebook writing tips.

The overall look of an ebook with a striking title is what the reader notices first. An attractive front cover, possibly with a catchy image and title in bold font sets the reader’s interest ticking. Once intrigued, he is likely to be tempted to turn the pages and read on; if his eye meets professional looking formatted pages, his thrill doubles. In short, while writing ebooks particular care has to be taken to give the best to the reader so that he feels sorry when he reaches the end of it. Ease of navigation through the ebook is another factor that makes or breaks its reputation.

There are several accepted standard formats that most authors use while writing ebooks. Ebook writing tips can assist the writer to make informed decision regarding size of font which should neither be too large nor so tiny as to look ungainly or discourage readers.

Ebook writing tips cannot be complete if no mention of the commonly used formats is made. They are:

1.            Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most popular format of ebooks these days. It can be run on any platform and even on handheld computers.

2.            HTML is another format but is slightly difficult to understand and execute.

3.            Windows executable files (EXE files) have major drawbacks since they can be run only on Windows platform and are prone to virus threat. The feature of DRM in EXE files is considered a disadvantage and an advantage.

Aligning your book along the ebook writing tips is like waving a magic wand for the success of your hard work.