Ebook Niche Marketing Topics

There are thousands and thousands of ebook niche marketing topics that can make you money. With Ebooks report, articles, home study courses, and / or seminars, all of which are information-related, virtual items, you can sell your information or give it away for free to help promote other products or services. You can market other people’s information products you can find those in various directories, and you can earn anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent doing that.

Once you get a feel for a different market, you can put together your own information product. That does not mean that you have to come up with all the content yourself. As an individual marketer, you can design the product. You can meet the needs of the market and have an ebook writing service write it for you. You can source private label write the content. Do the research and of the Public Domain content. To put this thing together the key is to understand how the business works, how lucrative it can be for you, and the designs what are the best information products? Then how to put the products together and the designs.

Ebooks are usually in the rage of 50 to 60 pages, and they are not the monstrous books that rage from 200 to 300 pages. Ebooks and reports that are self published reports, even those that are only ten to fifteen pages, can bring in anywhere from seventeen to twenty seven dollars depending on the usefulness of the information it contains as well as the effectiveness of marketing and sales. In addition, by having an ebook, you can then also create a form of cash flow. This is a really good way to start the beginning of a sales funnel. You may also find ways to provide with other products or services using this method. We are talking about video of the month services where you send a monthly DVD out to advertise your market place.

You might want to also think about holding a Tele-seminar, and having approximately one per week sell this as a four part series for $90, and be sure to list this as a packet price on your web site, and the related topic. Also Webinars are very easy to do now you can do this online. There are a lot of service providers who offer Webinars. A home study package where you bundle a 20page Manuel or a workshop for that. A check list or fill in the blank study paper. Any seminars, workshops, and websites are essential for this type of work. The demand is literally unending.

You should first find a topic that people are interested in, and make sure it is something that they need or want. So then when they get to the computer, and type this in you will be what they pull up. Then you can teach them about the topic that they are interested in learning about. There are thousands of niche markets for you to go into. These are five of the hottest selling topics, and I have added a bonus topic as well. The best selling topics may change weekly or monthly, but some tend to do better than others overall. According to Kindle’s current list of best selling how to ebooks, the following are the most downloaded free, advice and how-to ebooks:

1) Self Help / Motivation / Success — (“Success Is Not an Accident” by Tommy Newberry)
2) Dieting — Losing Weight “Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon’s Crazy in Love How-To Manual” by
Dr. David Clarke
3) Dating / Relationships — “Lose weight — 52 Brilliant Little Ideas”
4) Self Help / Motivation / Success — “Revealing Your EXTRAORDINARY Essence – Practical Tools for Empowered Living” by Cynthia James
5) Self Help / Motivation / Success — “Life is not Ideal, Deal with it” by
Michelle M. Russell

6) Dieting / Losing Weight — The Obesity Cure: Weight Control, Metabolic Health, Revitalized Youth With Power Amino Acids” by George Scheele

The top sellers are not always developed by published writers. They are everyday people who have talent to do this kind of work but have no idea on how to use the sources available to make this possible. There are step by step programs that they can chose to follow that can teach them how to become something that they badly want. This is not general information that you would find in a book at a book store.